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Drawing the listener into the story through understated emotion and playful phrasing 

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Providing the perfect setting for her voice, whether it be acoustic or electric piano or Hammond B3

Postapocalyptic Subterranean Paradise

Music: Aaron Germain

Lyrics: Sharman Duran

Album artwork: Salvador Aguilera

Who says Global Warming has to be a complete bummer?  With the earth's surface unfit for habitation we'll all live comfortably in cozy, climate-controlled underground cities.  Visiting the surface will become a novelty, such as vacationing on tropical beaches along the once frozen Northwest Passage or scuba diving down to the Transamerica Pyramid in the underwater park that used to be San Francisco.  And getting dressed up in those HazMat suits so that we can walk around up there without suffocating will make for a fun Sunday outing!

Photo: Eddy Bee

Lyrics that are insightful or poignant, witty or dead serious, delivered in a 

musical setting that is both melodically

and harmonically fresh

Developing the inner musician in students ages 3 to 83 through

the love of jazz and pop

​Sharman Duran.

"...We've heard how our ancestors' series of blunders

Left Earth's surface less pleasant than under, and led us to re-locate below.

And now it's the weather and the air and the water together,

And the need for protective attire, and the hassle of famine and fire, 

That have made it a great place to visit but not to live--

Though, we scarcely feel deprived:

We've traded Hades on earth for a Subterranean Paradise!"  

("Postapocalyptic Subterranean Paradise")